The North Kansas City Levee District comprises an elected Board of Supervisors. The Board consists of five members who oversee the administration and maintenance of the North Kansas City Levee Unit.


The general affairs of the North Kansas City Levee District are administered by the law offices of Withers, Brant, Igoe & Mullennix. Jerome Brant currently serves as Secretary to the Board of Supervisors. In this role, Mr Brant is responsible for facilitating monthly meetings, legal representation, financial accounting of the District’s funds, and record keeping.


Burns and McDonnell Engineering Company serves as District Engineer. The District Engineer is responsible for reviewing plans and specifications for work within the critical zone of the levee. The District Engineer is also responsible for conducting levee inspections, designing maintenance projects, implementing the District’s Emergency Preparedness Plan, and liaising with the U.S. Army Corp of Engineers.


The North Kansas City Unit (Lower Section) is located in North Kansas City, Clay County, Missouri. The unit is a system of levees, floodwalls, riprap slope protection, Rock Creek channel relocation, underseepage collector system, underseepage control berms, and six pumping plants. Levee District

The levee begins at the bluff just north of the Kansas City, Missouri Waterworks facilities and proceeds southwesterly towards the Missouri River. This section of the levee (from station 0+00 to 13+16 is also referred to as the “Perkin’s Levee” and includes the stop log gap across the Burlington Northern and Santa Fe (BNSF) Railroad’s tracks. The Missouri Main Stem Levee begins at the stop log gap and runs south, following the bank of the river.

The Airport Levee System begins at the northern end of the Downtown Airport. This system, which runs from the north end of the airport and ends near the Hannibal Bridge, is maintained by the Kansas City, Missouri Water Services Department.

That portion of the main stem levee maintained by the North Kansas City Levee District begins again at the Hannibal Bridge. It continues along the left bank of the Missouri River. Near Warren Street in North Kansas City, the levee turns north towards the bluff. The end of the main stem levee is located at Armour Road just west of Harrah’s Casino.

At Armour Road, the Hillside Drainage Ditch and Levee begin. The Hillside levee runs along Armour road to Vernon Street. From Vernon Street, the ditch and levee parallel the toe of the bluff. The federal portion of the levee ends near North Cherry Street.