Access to Right of Way


It has been the long-standing policy of the North Kansas City Levee District to prohibit public access to its levee system. Access is allowed only on permit and only when necessary for other important public purposes, including utilities. Any such access is only allowed under review by the District’s engineers and with appropriate insurance and safeguards for the levee system. It is the mission of the North Kansas City Levee District to maintain this very crucial levee system for the protection of lives and the substantial commercial and industrial base, protected by the levee system. The protection of the levee system itself, as well as its proximity to major bridges and manufacturing facilities, necessitate the prohibition of public access.

Any contractor, utility or other individual who desires access to Levee District right of way must have an approved Temporary Access Permit to do so. If only access is required, and no excavation or changes are made within the right of way, then only the approved Temporary Access Permit is required. If any subsurface work is required, then plans and specifications must be submitted for review.

Permit applications can be obtained by contacting the Secretary to the Board or can be downloaded by selection the link below. Send one (1) copy of the completed permit application and three (3) sets plans of the proposed work to the District Engineer. The Applicant should complete all blank spaces, sign and date the Permit.

After the Permit Agreement has been reviewed, approval must be granted by the District Engineer and by the Secretary. If approval is granted, the Secretary will return a signed copy of the agreement to the Applicant at which time he may gain access.

All permitting costs, including the legal fees, engineering costs, review and over-sight, will be billed to the address indicated on the Permit.

Download a copy of the Temporary Access Agreement here.